Welcome to the Post Peak Medicine blog

I am planning only to write occasional posts, as my main priority is finishing the book.  If you would like to leave a comment or engage in dialogue with other readers, please feel free to post here.

If you arrived at this blog via another website, please consider visiting my home page at www.postpeakmedicine.com



3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Post Peak Medicine blog

  1. Dr. Gray,
    Thanks for doing this. I’ve had a keen interest in Post-Peak oil medicine for a while now. Full disclosure here: I work as a medical researcher in a large university medical school and I’m shocked and quietly grieving for how quickly funding for basic medical and cellular research is going away…….Ability for young faculty to get funding for getting so difficult, that it’s just a field not worth the pain and frustration. I fear that the entire profession as we know it (basic research in medicine) is under threat of disappearing over the next generation.
    Best regards,

  2. Latest revision of the book uploaded today. I have completed the section on “Illegal Herbal Medicines” (at least for now) and deleted the section “Review of Medical Literature” which was overly long and not very interesting to read.

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